Personal website, where I post about what I'm working on and what I've been up to.
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This repository contains the code used to deploy my personal website, which should hopefully be live at

The site will likely break on older browsers. I use CSS grid for the layout and plenty of HTML5 and ES6 syntax. I do, however, attempt to support noscript. If you are browsing the site with noscript enabled and find a broken feature, please let me know.

The site contains blog posts discussing the necessary build and deploy process. Feel free to use this as a template for a personal website or inspiration, there is no license attached. With that said, don't expect me to help you debug anything if you use any of the code in this repository. Nothing in here is intended for use beyond my own.

To generate a gallery page, create an file with the type of gallery defined in the front matter. Gallery pages will generate and display any .jpg files in the directory with scaled down thumbnails. When a thumbnail is clicked, it will open a lightbox modal containing a compressed version of the original image. If javascript is disabled, the thumbnail will link to the image directly.

The .jpg files are hosted elsewhere to keep the repository lightweight and flexible. It is assumed that you (really, me) will pull the images into the correct directory using scp or rsync or some other remote file copying tool.

Gallery pages are not expected to load correctly from a Hugo development server, as the thumbnails and compressed images are generated through a custom script that runs after Hugo's build process.

To view a gallery page during local development, run make build and load the page directly from the output directory in your browser.